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The Heart of Indoor Comfort

Take Care of Your AC with Home Comfort Heating & Cooling

Nestled in the center of the Midwest, Kansas City, KS has been referred to as “The Heart of the Heartland.” Here in the Kansas City area, our history and culture represents the core of traditional American values.

And so, when your home comfort is disrupted, you’re looking for a team that values what you value: tradition, commitment and integrity.

These three principles are the heart and soul of Home Comfort Heating & Cooling.

On the Move with Our Emergency Services

Your air conditioner doesn’t care about the party that you’re hosting tomorrow, or the fact that you’re about to leave for vacation. No matter how much you try to prevent them, there are times when equipment breakdowns just happen.

At Home Comfort Heating & Cooling, our emergency AC repair in Kansas City, KS provides the service that you need, fast.

Available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., our technicians strive to arrive within two hours of your call. Offering repairs on all makes and models, we don’t believe that emergencies justify a higher cost. That’s why, when you call our team for help, we never charge overtime rates for evening or weekend repairs—guaranteed.

Not All Systems Can Beat the Heat

Summer temperatures put your system to the ultimate test. If your central air conditioner is between 15 to 20 years old, it may be time to consider investing in a new system.

Unfortunately, though, many homeowners learn this the hard way.

If your AC has stopped working altogether, our technicians will determine whether your system should be repaired or replaced. Always showing regard for your budget, we consider factors such as your current system’s age, energy-efficiency and your usage needs before making a recommendation.

If we conclude that replacement is the right call, our AC installations in Kansas City, KS will maximize your comfort—and minimize your expenses.

A one-size-fits-all approach is impractical in the HVAC industry. No two homes are ever exactly the same, and each home needs to be treated on an individual basis. Customizing our services to your specific needs, our comfort specialists will find your perfect fit.

What’s So Great About a New System?

Today’s air conditioners are made much differently than they were ten years ago. Now, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is a term that’s used to gauge a unit’s efficiency. With this measurement, you can compare different systems side-by-side before making a purchasing decision.

As part of our AC installation service, Home Comfort Heating & Cooling offers superior, efficient systems. Installing your equipment correctly and professionally, you can sit back and enjoy newfound savings with your AC upgrade.

A new air conditioner also improves your indoor air quality. Older air conditioners often lack the ability to control humidity. Newer systems, on the other hand, ventilate your air to keep humidity levels between the ideal 30- to 50-percent range.

Protect Your Investment with Routine Tune-Ups

Once your new AC is up and running, you play a part in its overall efficiency. Ultimately, this means giving your system the TLC that it needs with routine air conditioner maintenance.

Prioritizing your energy savings, our professionals at Home Comfort Heating & Cooling will care for your system on your behalf. Whether it’s cleaning your outdoor unit to keep it free from debris, or programming your thermostat according to your schedule, our maintenance service enhances your unit’s efficiency—without breaking your budget.

Discover the Difference with Home Comfort Heating & Cooling

Your AC isn’t always predictable. Tailoring our trusted solutions to your residence, Home Comfort Heating & Cooling is the team that’s big enough to serve as experts—and small enough to care.

To schedule your emergency repair or AC installation service with our team, fill out our online form or call Home Comfort Heating & Cooling at 913.631.7898 today.

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