The “Cozy Home” Checklist

Prepare Your Heating System for the Chilly Months Ahead

School is back in session, which means that it’s time to pull out those checklists and head to the supply stores. But as you do so, there is another checklist that you may be overlooking: the “cozy home” checklist.

With the cooler months just around the corner, take a moment to look over the list and make sure that your HVAC equipment is ready for winter.

#1: Address the Small Things That Matter

Some of the most crucial tasks take only minutes to complete—yet, many homeowners overlook them.

For example, you should be changing your system’s air filters twice a month. Otherwise, dirt and debris can build up over time, causing your unit to exert more energy. Rather than spend excess money each month on utility bills, do some damage control and change your filters regularly.

If your furnace is located in a confined space, such as a closet, basement or attic, remove any items that are blocking the unit. You might not realize it, but anything that’s surrounding your furnace can affect its overall efficiency.

Tired of running your heater, only to feel like warm air is falling through the cracks? Take a look around your home, and then caulk and seal any leaks near your windows and doors. You’ll be surprised how effective this can be to keep the warm air in—and the chilly winds out.

#2: Give Your System Some Professional TLC

There’s nothing that will optimize your system better than HVAC maintenance. Evaluating your system from top to bottom, our trained technicians correct the small problems that often turn into major repairs. Some of the many tasks conducted during a system tune-up include:

  • Checking the ventilation system for blockages
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Lubricating all moving parts to reduce energy usage
  • Testing the safety controls
  • …And much more!

Whether you own a furnace or heat pump, our professionals will enhance your system to ensure a cozy, hassle-free winter.

#3: Keep Comfort In Your Back Pocket

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, systems can fail without warning, and at the worst possible moment.

Offering heating repair in Johnson County, KS, Overland Park, KS and the surrounding communities, we’ll fix your system in no time. Our quick response, upfront pricing and sincere workmanship lead to quality solutions that you can hang your hat on.

Our emergency heating services are here for you in times of trouble, too. Available 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., we’ll restore your system as quickly as possible.

#4: All Systems Go?

This is the last task to check off—and it’s arguably the most crucial. Each year, you should look at your heating system with a fresh perspective. Is your unit more than 15 years old? Does it constantly need repair work? If your system fits the bill, then it may be time to purchase a new unit.

Home Comfort Heating & Cooling offers heating installation in Johnson County, KS and the rest of our service areas. When you invest in a new unit, you’re doing more than making your home nice and toasty: you are maximizing your savings for years to come.

You see, today’s heating systems are made much differently than they were 10 years ago. A new furnace or heat pump can reduce your heating costs by as much as 20- to 30-percent. With this new level of energy-efficiency, you’ll be able to beat the chills—and cut the bills.

Conquer the List with Home Comfort Heating & Cooling

The weather is still mild, making now the perfect time to take care of business and cross everything off your “cozy home” checklist.

To contact our team regarding your heating needs, fill out our online form or call Home Comfort Heating & Cooling at 913.631.7898 today.

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