UV Light Systems

Shine a Light on Healthier Living

At Home Comfort, we wouldn’t hurt a fly. Mold and bacteria, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

Over time, mold can grow and accumulate in your HVAC system, compromising your home’s air quality and, possibly, your family’s health.

Thankfully, UV germicidal lights have proven to be extremely effective for keeping mold at bay within heating and cooling equipment.

Putting Mold and Bacteria Under the Harshest Light

There are two different kinds of UV light systems to consider –– air sterilization systems and coil sterilization systems –– and Home Comfort has the experience to determine which system is right for you. Our experts ensure that your UV germicidal lamp effectively minimizes the build-up on your heating and cooling system’s coils, improves system efficiency and, most importantly, keeps mold and bacteria out of your air.

It’s time to identify the unseen threats potentially lurking under your nose. Get in touch with our team or call 913.631.7898 today for a quick analysis of your indoor air!